Julliette Carignan, Oil Painter



This painting gets the award for being the most adventurously won. First, a panicked run to catch the train from Nice when I found out it left from a farther station. Next, the adventure of trying to discern which stop might provide the best painting subject, with the aid of advice from local passengers. Then, at the Barreme depot, a rapid consult with the station master and a very fast run up a substantial hill with my heavy painting gear on my back. I was thrilled to find this wonderful valley view immediately upon reaching the hilltop, because the need to catch the only return train in about two hours made it an exceptional challenge to capture the scene quickly. Then a breathless run, arriving at the depot in the nick of time. Going down, I was shocked at how fast and far I'd ascended, aided by adrenaline from wanting so badly to have enought time for the painting. Back on the train, a glowing sense of fun for having pulled it off!

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9” x 12”
oil on board

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