Julliette Carignan, Oil Painter

Name of Painting

“Victorian, Brookfield CT”

It was so challenging just to paint the complicated architecture and get the perspective reasonably right that by the end of even a lengthy plein air session, I had merely been able to suggest the surrounding landscape. As a result, I finished the landscape in my in studio (from photos). I used to paint with artists who were adamant that plein air paintings must done entirely on site and within some time limit like one or two hours. While I believe practicing with those goals can be a great discipline, I hold a more broad definition of plein air painting. I'm often drawn to more complex subjects like this one, and I have no qualms about making adjustments and completing paintings back in the studio. I want to make the most of scenes that excite me and provide inspiration.

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18” x 14”
oil on canvas panel

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